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The mission of Nonviolent Citizen Action (NCA) is to help develop knowledge, understandings, and efficient use of nonviolent action to promote human rights, environmental sustainability, economic justice, emancipatory democracy, and human equity and liberty. This mission is advanced through educational forums and discussions, public talks, educational workshops and trainings, social media posts, and publications of books, pamphlets, scholarly articles, and newsletters. The work produced by NCA is informed by the lasted theoretical literature on nonviolence and related subjects, on readings from practical experiences in nonviolent struggle, and in personal experiences of work in nonviolent resistance. NCA is a non-partisan grassroots organization that supports people seeking to redistribute power in society more equitably for the purpose of carrying out the goals stated in our mission.


I am a long-time political activist, initially getting my feet wet in the Seacoast NH as a high school student with the Clamshell Alliance. As an undergraduate at UNH, I worked to bring awareness to gender, race, and religious oppression, apartheid, and nuclear proliferation.

As a graduate student, I became interested in the history, theories, and methods of nonviolent action as exemplified in modern times by Gandhi and MLK, and written extensively by Gene Sharp from the Albert Einstein Institute.

My doctoral work at UNH involved researching, writing, and publishing about peace education. Since then, I have continued to write and publish in the area of nonviolent citizen action. I am both an educator on this subject and an activist.

My most recent work is in writing for a wider audience about the importance of nonviolent action in developing an empowered citizenry that holds government officials to account in meeting the needs of the people. My writing is now on social media, and I have just completed my first book, Reclaiming Power: Building a Stronger Resistance in the Age of Trump. My latest publication, Building Real People Power: Formulating Strategy, is the first in a series of Monographs on 8 Essential Steps to Building Real People Power. 

I am an educator, an activist, an entrepreneur, and a writer. I'm excited to take on this new venture of writing for the public via social media. And I'm thankful for this platform to share with all of you my ideas and expertise on nonviolent action.


Hello Visitors!


This site is dedicated to written posts, news, articles, and information on how to make today's Resistance even more powerful and effective.


I invite you to explore this site, which is dedicated to helping each of us take the Resistance to the next step: making it so successful that it will give our government little to no choice but to meet the needs of the people rather than serving their own private interests and those of corporations and the wealthy elite.


Most of the theory and practical advice offered here is drawn from my book, Reclaiming Power: Building a Stronger Resistance in the Age of Trump.

I owe Gene Sharp, seminal theorist and writer in strategic nonviolence, an immeasurable debt of gratitude for his vast amount of work in the theory, history, and techniques of nonviolent action.



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